Creating a Community

I am in love with the idea of a network of talented people connecting with the purpose to collaborate, share, meet introduce and create with the other talented members of that community.

This community will consist of artists and creators. The road from an idea to something actual and real is a long and winding road. A majority of people stop or quit before they get to the end of that road, and few of them will ever realize how close they were when they quit.

Our community will benefit from being a member For anyone to spend their time with anything, especially an involved member of a group or organization, they must be getting something out of it. They get to network, build a portfolio, gain exposure, or earn royalties from sales of their work. This benefit must be clarified and communicated properly to the community. Communication is key in creating a community.

The True Herban Community will grow A community of artists, connected together through a common purpose, creating something people will want to consume. Exposed to fellow artists and creators. The graphic designer meets the photographer. The animator meets the director and videographer, who is introduced to the sound engineer. This community will grow within itself, and evolve into a central hub of creation. True Herban Clothing is the beginning to the True Herban Community, which is fueled by the True Herban Culture.


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