Mother Nature Always Wins

Snowmaggedon Chicago 2011A major snow storm is approaching Chicago and the Midwest today and staying for a few days. Experts say between 4-8″ today! We in Chicago remember all to well how great snow can be from last years’ Snowmaggedon. This pic is of Lake Shore Drive shut down after 22″ of snow.

For every inch of snow that mother nature drops on Chicago today, 1/12/2012, we will be multiplying by 5X, and that will be the discount that we give on all shirts at The discount code* will be valid for as many days as we get inches… let’s hope for a BIG STORM! Dress warm, and drive safe!

1″ – 5% off for 1 day
2″ – 10% off for 2 days
3″ – 15% off for 3 days
4″ – 20% off for 4 days
5″ – 25% off for 5 days
6″ – 30% off for 6 days
7″ – 35% off for 7 days
8″ – 40% off for 8 days
9″- 45% off for 9 days
10″ 50% off for 10 days

*Discount applied up to 10″ of snow

Discount announced later tonight! Dress Warm and Drive Safe!


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