Mother Nature Always Wins

Snowmaggedon Chicago 2011A major snow storm is approaching Chicago and the Midwest today and staying for a few days. Experts say between 4-8″ today! We in Chicago remember all to well how great snow can be from last years’ Snowmaggedon. This pic is of Lake Shore Drive shut down after 22″ of snow.

For every inch of snow that mother nature drops on Chicago today, 1/12/2012, we will be multiplying by 5X, and that will be the discount that we give on all shirts at The discount code* will be valid for as many days as we get inches… let’s hope for a BIG STORM! Dress warm, and drive safe!

1″ – 5% off for 1 day
2″ – 10% off for 2 days
3″ – 15% off for 3 days
4″ – 20% off for 4 days
5″ – 25% off for 5 days
6″ – 30% off for 6 days
7″ – 35% off for 7 days
8″ – 40% off for 8 days
9″- 45% off for 9 days
10″ 50% off for 10 days

*Discount applied up to 10″ of snow

Discount announced later tonight! Dress Warm and Drive Safe!


The 2nd Feed the Hungry Soup Drive – 1/24/2012 – Wicker Park – Chicago

Our second “Feed the Hungry Soup Drive” will take place on Tuesday, January 24th in Chicago’s Wicker Park. Please help by donating $2.50 for a cup of soup to feed hungry people in these cold winter months.

The first True Herban Clothing “Feed the Hungry Soup Drive” went over with great success. We were able to feed 30-40 hungry people in Chicago’s Wicker Park on a cold winter night. With the help of New Leaf Natural Grocery who donated all the ingredients (which were mostly organic or locally grown) and The Night Ministry’s Health Outreach bus, we were able to hold a great event, with a great purpose! Check out the recipe for the True Herban Chowder by Chef Alan below, and even see a video of him putting the finishing touches on his soup here.

True Herban Chowder

Ingredients Needed: (serves 5-8 people)

4 oz. BEELER’S Hickory Smoked Organic Bacon (if left out, substitute with 8 oz. butter)
8 oz. Whole Unsalted Butter
2 Cups All-Purpose Flour
5 lbs. Potatoes, peeled small dice
1 Large Onion or 2 Medium Onions
5 stalks Celery, small dice
5 BUNNY-LUV Organic Carrots, small dice
1 lb. SNO PAC Organic Peas
1 lb. Wild Harvest Organic Sweet Corn
½ lb. Broccoli
1 Qt. Organic Chicken Broth (Vegetable Broth May be Substituted
2 Pts. Heavy Cream
Sea Salt
Black Pepper


  1. Place Bacon in minimum 2 QT. Pot and cook until bacon becomes crispy and fat renders.
  2. Remove Bacon and set aside.
  3. Add Butter.
  4. Once butter is melted, add onions, celery and potatoes.
  5. Season mixture with Salt & Pepper
  6. Keep pot on medium heat until onions are translucent and potatoes are soft.
  7. Add Flour and mix thoroughly.
  8. Add Chicken Broth, mix thoroughly and bring to a boil.  Reduce to simmer and simmer for 10-15  minute until  broth is a gravy-like consistency.
  9. Remove mixture from pot into blender and puree for 30 seconds until smooth.
  10. Transfer mixture into new pot and repeat until done.
  11. Add Carrots, Corn, Broccoli, Peas and Bacon.
  12. In separate pan, heat milk slightly until bubbles start to form and add to soup pot.
  13. Add Heavy Cream
  14. Check Seasoning and adjust with Salt & Pepper if desired.

Three New Years Resolutions – Go Green, Buy American & Give

2011 was a great year for True Herban Clothing. We officially launched our brand, determined our core values and have begun a long journey of making, sustainable and meaningful clothing, while giving back.

To continue and grow this amiable mission in 2012, we will focus on the core values we’ve built into our company and find new ways to spread the positive message. We’ve created three New Year’s Resolutions that we as a company and individuals are committing ourselves to following in 2012, we ask that you join us.

Resolution #1 – Go Green

Resolution #2 – Buy American

Resolution #3 – Give 

Throughout the month, we will be sharing tips and ideas on how you can Go Green, Buy American and Give in 2012. We ask that you share your experiences on how these three resolutions impact your life in 2012.

True Herban Community Outreach in Wicker Park

Tuesday, December 20th True Herban Clothing partnered with the Night Ministry of Chicago and New Leaf Natural Grocery to help bring smiles and warm food to those less fortunate in this wonderful city of Chicago. We made “True Herban Chowder”, a tasty combination of organic spices, fresh vegetables and even some frozen ones to! A majority of the ingredients were donated by New Leaf, most locally and organically grown. It was great to start a series of social programs that we will be implementing throughout the year to help keep our promise of being socially responsible and giving back to our community.

After speaking with some of the employees we learned that the Night Ministry also has youth outreach programs that aligned very well with our goals. We’ll keep all our followers updated for future events, and about you can help! But don’t forget we will continue to help feed the less fortunate, and you can do your part by buying a cup of soup for the hungry on our website

Thanks to all that donated so far, and to those that will do so in the future!

Like, Share, Follow, Retweet, Comment = Give

Feed the HungryTonight at 10:30pm in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood, the True Herban Crew will be  feeding the hungry with the Night Ministry, using locally grown and/or organic ingredients donated from our partner, New Leaf Natural Grocery.

All of today, True Herban will be donating the following  for each unique Purchase, Email sign-up, Facebook Like, Comment, Share, Twitter Follow or Retweet: (click the links for easy giving)

Help us make a better and warmer holiday for the people who are less fortunate than we.

How much will True Herban donate if I do each one of these?
New to our Facebook and Twitter pages can donate up to $7.50 for doing all the above
Already Like us on Facebook OR Follow us on Twitter, $7.00
Already Like us on Facebook AND Follow us on Twitter, $6.50

Collaboration Partners

The Night Ministry connects with Chicago’s vulnerable youth and adults, providing
basic supplies, self-care supplies, free healthcare, housing and supportive services
for youth, referrals to other resources, and more. We offer services at the moment
of need on the street, a mobile health bus, and our shelter and supportive services
programs for homeless youth.

Newleaf Natural Grocery is dedicated to providing an affordable way to buy organic produce by offering weekly organic produce boxes at the lowest cost available. At our store you can pay for your produce box by the week, no long term commitments.

Life/Death – The Double Edged Sword

Love/Hate, Hot/Cold, Life/Death…..

All good comes with an ugly side. After watching my Chicago Bears give up a 4th quarter 10 point lead to Tim Tebow, I can’t help but think about the double edge sword that comes with being a fan and how that applies to life.

With great success comes great responsibilities, with a great relationships, can come very ugly break ups, and of course with mo money, mo problems.  That means you have to appreciate things for what they are at that time and place, and don’t expect everything to smell like roses and life to be easy.

Take life as it comes, appreciate the good and accept the bad. Life goes on, until we die, and other life continues to go on.