Tom Hanks Tweets True Herban to Millions

Don't Forget to Be Awesome - True Herban

Tom Hanks Tweets True Herban to Millions

Don’t Forget to Be Awesome. We at True Herban try never to forget that, and so does Tom Hanks. Last week we were in Boston, MA and came across a utility box with a sticker that read, “Don’t Forget to be Awesome”, and so we slapped a True Herban Clothing sticker right beneath it! We figured, we try to be awesome, so people should recognize that. Well last night, Tom Hanks recognized that and decided to tweet this picture of the sign and our sticker to his 3.6 Million Followers on Twitter.

This goes to show if you put yourself in the path of awesomeness, awesomeness is bound to pursuit. Tom Hanks didn’t see our True Herban sticker and say, “I need to tweet that!” but I like to believe that he respected the way we complimented the great sticker, and the balance our logo brought to the box, so chose to frame the picture with our True Herban Clothing sticker.

Thank you Tom Hanks. Thank you for being awesome.